About Us

Our company

The brass-light-fixtures.com online shop is located in Athens, Greece, from where it ships products around the world.

The brass-light-fixtures.com products travel on behalf of its customers to 175 countries, in America, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our suppliers

Our suppliers are evaluated based on criteria relating to the quality and availability of their products, while an essential prerequisite is the consistent, sincere and effective cooperation, which translates into a benefit for our customers.

The Evaluation

We inspect and evaluate the products so that they satisfy your requirements

1. By visual inspection (hardness, size, color, style, weight, etc.).

2. By using the product (durability, quality, safety and ease of use, etc.)

Elements that characterize us

1. We select and offer quality products to the global market so that the consumer finds the product that satisfies him, without losing part of his valuable time in market research.

2. We strive so that our products meet our customers’ expectations.

3. We prefer to sell products that are of known origin,

4. We select excellent quality products that satisfy our customers