Why choose a brass light fixture

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Brass Light Fixture. Why choose a brass light fixture

Why choose a brass light fixture

A brass light fixture made of hard brass is manufactured from either a solid piece of pure brass or from a brass sheet or tube.

Bulkhead lights, Garden lighting
Bulkhead lights, Garden lighting

If you live near the sea or the ocean, you wouldn’t want to purchase any type of outdoor lighting.

The salty sea air can oxidize and destroy fixtures made of cheaper materials, such as aluminum or iron. Only special outdoor light fixtures such as those made of solid brass are recommended for use near the sea.

These fixtures are the best suitable for coastal areas, as they can withstand the salty sea air.

It is no coincidence that these types of brass light fixtures are still used on ships, from which they have taken the name nautical lights.

Wall sconces. LED wall lighting fixtures
Wall sconces. LED wall lighting fixtures

In general, light fixtures made of brass have high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

Ideally, lights intended for outdoor use (gardens, terraces, courtyards, pathways and walkways) are made of hard brass and are fitted with thick glass so as to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Typically, these fixtures have ribbed glass which refracts the light and does not dazzle visitors.

Some models also have a safety net that protects the glass against potential impacts.

Outdoor lamps are sealed with a special gasket that protects its electric parts, such as the lamp, the lampholder and the wiring from rain, snow and dust.

Industrial style pendant light. LED pendant lights and decorative pendant lighting
Industrial style pendant light. Kitchen pendant lights

It should be noted that, over time, hard brass develops a beautiful natural patina on its surface, with a dark brown or green hue.

This gives the light fixture a charming appearance.

The patina, if required, can be easily removed with appropriate cleaning, which can return the fixture to its original state.

With proper care, a light fixture made of hard brass can preserve its original luster and beauty for many generations.

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