Kitchen lighting. Tips and ideas

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Kitchen lighting. Tips and ideas

island style pendant lighting
Island style pendant lighting

As the kitchen is not always located in the ideal area compared to the rest of the house, you should at least ensure that it does not have any disadvantages that make it “awkward” and dysfunctional.

Besides, you spend a large part of the day there, so it’s worthwhile addressing its configuration.
This means that matters such as natural lighting and room ventilation are key priorities.

Windows must be of sufficient size, while it is preferable to have access to a veranda, thus facilitating the removal of daily trash.

Technical kitchen lighting is a matter that you should not undertake casually and hastily, if you want it to adequately serve your needs.

Kitchen island pendant light
Kitchen island pendant light

The kitchen bench is the central point of illumination and will be covered by built – in spotlights or fluorescent lamps that will illuminate the desired spot with clarity.

The general kitchen lighting body—usually located at the center of the ceiling—serves the rest of the space, but not the individual tasks performed on the bench.

In addition, pay close attention to damp spots, so as to prevent moisture from affecting the cabinet materials or even the food or linen placed within them.

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