Light fixture installation

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Light fixture installation. American Style House Plans.

Light fixture installation

TYPE: ART BR400, BR402, BR403, BR404, BR405, BR415, BR418, BR419, BR435, BR400-03, BR435-03

A. Fixing the light fixture on mounting surface

  • Unscrew the cage and remove the glass from the body of the light fixture.
  • Using the body of the light fixture as an installation guide, mark the surface on which you wish to mount it.
  • Drill holes on the mounting surface and fasten the body of the light fixture to it, using the supplied wall-plugs and screws. To ensure the insulation of the light fixture, use the plastic washers and rubber retainers when screwing the screws.

B. Connecting the power cable

    • Pass the cable through the cable clamp.

  • Cover the wires with the supplied insulating hoses.
  • Connect the line (brown) and neutral (blue) wires to the lamp holder and the grounding wire (yellow) to the body of the light fixture next to the grounding symbol , using the supplied screw and M4 washer.
  • Place the plastic insulating cover under the lamp holder.
  • Screw the lamp to the lamp holder.
  • Fit the glass and fasten the cage to the body of the light fixture.
  • Turn on the power supply.

C. Replacing the lightbulb

  • Turn off the mains supply.
  • Do not try to replace the lightbulb unless it has completely cooled down as it may cause serious burns on the skin.
  • Open the lightbulb’s cover.
  • Twist and pull the lightbulb gently.
  • Do not touch the lightbulb with bare hands.
  • Always use clean protective gloves when handling a lightbulb.
  • Use a clean towel to clean the lightbulb in case you touch it accidentally.
  • When replacing the lightbulb, twist it very carefully while it is still in the lamp holder.
  • Before feeding again with power, replace the lightbulb’s cover to maintain the impermeability of the fixture.

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