Beach style lighting. Lighting for coastal locations. Front yard outdoor lighting ideas for front of house ART BR420 Brass


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Beach style lighting.

A brass wall sconce for illuminating the perimeter of a house.

The light bulb is protected by a thick, ribbed glass, and is externally retained by a brass net which is screwed onto the base of the light fixture.

The total height of the sconce is 27 cm and its width is 22 cm.

In all cases, the lamp can be either a compact fluorescent, an LED or incandescent, with an E27 lampholder.

One way to create a good first impression to visitors, is to illuminate the exterior of your home with traditional brass nautical light fixtures.

The entrance, the patio, the garden, the pathways and the garage area are places where proper lighting can make a big difference.

Brass light fixtures will add beauty and security to your home.

These outdoor decorative lights can be placed next to the front door.

Apart from lighting your entrance, they can also be used to accompany a garage door or to illuminate your patio, courtyard, or even your garden.

The light fixtures are made of brass and glass.

They have anti-corrosive properties even when installed near the sea.

When left for prolonged periods in the street, the garden, the courtyard—outdoors in general, and in adverse weather conditions, brass light fixtures develop a thin layer of patina on their surface.

This is known as the natural aging of brass light fixtures.

Patina is a thin dark green layer that covers bronze and brass objects with the passage of time, when exposed for long periods in the air or buried under the ground.
The Statue of Liberty owes its color to patina.

All brass light fixtures operate with LED lamps for better lighting and offer high energy savings while minimizing maintenance and replacement costs.

By default, water resistant lighting devices typically have a high degree of protection from moisture, dust and dirt.
The degree of protection is IP 64.

This criterion is the most important, as it is associated with the lamp’s longevity when operating outdoors.

The ART BR420 Brass light fixtures will faithfully serve you for many years, providing high-quality lighting.


Beach Style Lighting

To avoid any accidents, we recommend having the lights installed by a professional electrician.

The brass lights operate at 120 – 250 volts.

Power must be turned off from the mains switch before performing any kind of work on the light fixture, including changing the light bulb.

If the glass breaks, you must immediately replace it. Do not use light fixtures damaged by mishandling.

Contact us and we will find any spare parts for all types of light fixtures we carry.

Additional information



Net Weight

2.190 kg (4.82 lb)


Brass, Glass


Clear ribbed glass



Protection class

Bulb Base


Bulb Included


Bulb (Watt & type)

18 Watt CFL or 12 Watt LED (not included)

Number of Lights


Voltage Input

Works with either 230V or 120V

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Wall sconces

With Socket


With Switch



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