Decorative outdoor lighting. Nautical garden lights. ART BR419 Brass. 1X12W, IP64


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Decorative outdoor lighting. Nautical sconces.

Exterior lighting enhances the beauty of your home.
The ART BR419 Brass light fixture is a decorative element that will delight and fascinate your visitors


Decorative outdoor lighting

Decorative brass light fixtures upgrade your home’s value.

They are suitable for outdoor use. They offer beauty and a dreamy mood reminiscent of the seaside, summer vacations and beautiful beaches.
Extreme weather conditions cause significant damage to the decorative elements on the home’s exterior.

This is how light fixtures go through a true test of endurance, especially if you live in a seaside location, where the sea breeze bathes your home, or in a mountainous area where the cold, the snow and the rain spread and cover the garden, the courtyard and walkways.

The only light fixtures able to withstand these conditions are brass lamps.
These lamps were used for many years to illuminate the decks of ships crossing the seas and the oceans.

Today, our lamps are made using the same method and the same material, brass.

The idea was to make identical lighting fixtures with certain improved variants, but always using brass as the main construction material.

The purpose of our light fixtures is to use ddecorative outdoor lighting in order to illuminate and beautify gardens, courtyards, walkways, terraces around the house, as well as kitchens, lounges hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs etc.

Decorative exterior lighting

The ART BR419 Brass light fixture is a decorative element that will delight and fascinate your visitors.
It is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use.

It is equipped with a cover that prevents light from scattering into the atmosphere but rather directs it to the point we want to illuminate—the steps we want to walk along.

Its glass is thick to withstand accidental knocks and is ribbed to refract the light and offer greater illumination without dazzling visitors.

The cover is fixed to the light’s main body with a screw that has a decorative wing for easy tightening and removal.

It is mounted to the wall with screws and plastic plugs.


Decorative outdoor lighting

To avoid any accidents, we recommend having the lights installed by a professional electrician.
The brass lights operate at 120 – 250 volts.
Power must be turned off from the mains switch before performing any kind of work on the light fixture, including changing the light bulb.
If the glass breaks, you must immediately replace it. Do not use light fixtures damaged by mishandling.
Contact us and we will find any spare parts for all types of light fixtures we carry.

Additional information




9 cm (3.54 inches)

Net Weight

1.585 kg (3.49 lb)


Brass, Glass


Clear ribbed glass



Protection class

Bulb Base


Bulb Included


Bulb (Watt & type)

18 Watt CFL or 12 Watt LED (not included)

Number of Lights


Voltage Input

Works with either 230V or 120V

With Socket


With Switch


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