Decorative wall lights made of brass with a safety cage. ART BR437 Brass, 1X6W G9 IP64


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Decorative wall lights. Exterior house lighting led.

Decorative ceiling lights or wall lights. An ornate light made of hard brass. It can be installed outdoors or indoors.


Decorative wall lights.

Decorative ceiling lights or wall lights. Brass light fixtures will add beauty and security to your home.

One way to create a good first impression to visitors, is to illuminate the exterior of your home with traditional brass nautical light fixtures.

Is ideal for mountainous areas, as it provides high resistance to blizzards, torrential rains and glaciers, as well as for coastal areas, as it is impervious to sea water and solar radiation.

It is no coincidence that brass lamps were once used for lighting the indoor and outdoor areas of ships.

Despite their small size, with a diameter of just 14 cm (5.51 inches), ART BR437 Brass lights are an excellent fit for small spaces and add a touch of light any dark recess.
These wonderful traditional nautical lamps accept energy-efficient led 1X6W G9 bulbs.

Architects, home decorators and garden designers prefer them for the low light they emit, illuminating short hallways, stairs, steps or dark recesses.

Made of brass, they are fitted with a mesh that protects glass from accidental knocks.

It is easy to mount to any surface, such as concrete, wood, brick and more.
You will need a drill and a screwdriver to install the brass lights.
To avoid any accidents, we recommend having the lights installed by a professional electrician.
The brass lights operate at 120 – 250 volts.

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Additional information




5 cm (1.96 inches)

Net Weight

0.950 kg (2.09 lb)


Brass, Glass


Frosted glass



Protection class

Number of Lights


Bulb (Watt & type)

1X6W G9

Voltage Input

Works with either 230V or 120V

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Bulkhead lights, Ceiling lights, Wall sconces

Bulb Included


With Socket


With Switch


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