Nautical style wall lights. Coastal bulkhead sconce. ART BR435-03 Brass.


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Nautical style wall lights. Decorative wall sconces made of brass.

It is a purely nautical cast brass light that can withstand adverse weather conditions such as near the sea’s salt water or in northern areas accustomed to heavy rains, snow and ice.


Nautical style wall lights with anti-glare shade.

VIDEO Brass Light Fixtures: Nautical-style wall lights, Bulkhead lights. Made of Brass ART BR435-03BR Brass

Its IP64 water-tightness degree makes it ideal for use in seaside outdoor, or areas with excessive humidity.

It is durable and safe under adverse weather conditions.

The metal parts of the light fixture are made of hard brass that prevent it from rusting due to the humidity of coastal areas.

The glass that protects the light is thick enough to withstand accidental shocks.

The lamp socket is made of porcelain with an extra cover for the electrical cable connections that provides enhanced protection.

An elastic ring sits between the glass and the light fixture’s body, ensuring the required waterproofing.

The cable enters the fixture from the side through a gland which completely seals it.

If used correctly, this model, like all brass light fixtures in our collection, is able to illuminate your areas for many decades.

Over the years and after their harsh use in adverse weather conditions, you will see the surface of your light fixtures acquire a patina coating.

This patina has a shade similar to that of the Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial sculpture located on South Stacy Boulevard near the entrance to the Stacy Esplanade in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

If, for any reason, you do not like this shade, you can easily remove it with various cleaning agents that are commercially available.
And your light fixtures will once again acquire their original brass shine.

To decorate and illuminate the walkways around your home or garden, place the ART BR435-03 Bras lights at a distance of two meters between them and at a low height, below eye level.

The light fixtures will illuminate your walkway or path and the anti-glare shade will protect your eyes from their light.

The nautical-style wall light is suitable for wiring to a standard switch, a dimmer switch or a separate PIR motion sensor, provided you use an appropriate lamp.

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Additional information




Brass, Glass

Bulb Base


Bulb Included


Bulb (Watt & type)

18 Watt CFL or 17 Watt LED (not included)




Clear ribbed glass

Number of Lights


Voltage Input

Works with either 230V or 120V

Protection class

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Bulkhead lights, Path lights, Step lights, Wall sconces

With Socket


With Switch



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