Square light. Wall light recessed or surface. Made of brass 1x6W LED GX53 ART BR4622 Brass


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Square light with louvers. Square modern wall or ceiling light.

Ceiling and wall luminary made in brass, this reliable and economic fixture is used in many interior and exterior architectural projects.


Square light.

The light fixture is compatible with standard voltage available in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan (100-127 volts) and other countries (220-240 volts).
It comes with a G9 lampholder and accepts a G9 6 Watt LED or a 20 Watt Halogen bulb (bulb not included in the packaging).

Installation on the surface of a wall.

The light fixture is mounted to the wall surface by two screws on its rear side. In this case, we do not use the plastic box supplied with the brass light fixture.

Installation in a wall recess.

As mentioned above, the light fixture is mounted by two screws on its rear, so there should be a fixing point at the back of the recess.
The depth from the surface to the mounting point must be at least 3.5 cm or 1.37 inches (recess depth).

In both cases, the power cord enters the light fixture through the rear.

VIDEO by techtube.eu Brass Light Fixtures:

Square light. Wall light recessed or surface. Made of brass ART BR4622 Brass, by techtube.eu

(English Subtitles)

(English Subtitles)

1. ART BR4622 Brass, Wall light made of brass

2. It features a brass mesh for protection against impacts

3. It has a thick glass.

4. Its shade is Frosted glass

5. It is sealed with a rubber gasket.

6. It is accompanied by installation instructions

7. screws, rubber joints etc.

8. It has a GX53 lamp holder

9. It accepts a 1X6W GX53 LED

10. It also accepts a 1X3W G9 LED

11. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

12. It is a decorative light fixture.

13. Designed and built

14. to illuminate and decorate

15. the house, the garden, the hallway or stairway.

16. The brass light fixture can withstand

17. adverse conditions, such as coastal or mountainous areas

18. It can withstand humid area conditions

19. The ART BR4622 Brass light fixture will illuminate your life for many –
many years

20. TechTube.eu – Maroulis Chrysanthos

Additional information

Height, Recessed lights

14,5 cm (5.70 inches)

Width, Recessed lights

Height, Surface lights

16 cm (6.29 inches)

Width, Surface lights

14,5 cm (5.70 inches)


6 cm (2.36 inches)

Net Weight

1.114 kg (2.45 lb)


Brass, Glass


Frosted glass



Protection class

Bulb Base


Bulb (Watt & type)

1X6W GX53

Number of Lights


Bulb Included


Voltage Input

Works with either 230V or 120V

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Bulkhead lights, Path lights, Step lights, Wall sconces

With Socket


With Switch



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