The lighting design of a home entrance and its significance

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The lighting design of a home entrance

The exterior lighting design of an entrance, with the appropriate light fixtures, will complement your home’s overall decoration.

Modern brass wall sconce
Modern brass wall sconce

Light fixtures and properly arranged outdoor furniture will create an informal and unique atmosphere.
They will beautify all your outdoor areas, including terraces, courtyards, balconies or gardens.

A home entrance can be illuminated according to the residents’ taste and the decoration of the building’s areas.

The choice of lighting type depends on the decoration and the area available.

Lighting may be local, highlighting the decorative elements, general direct lighting, a combination of direct – indirect lighting, or even general and local lighting.

Corridor lighting design
Corridor lighting design

Direct lighting offers a diffusion of light within the area, while indirect lighting focuses or reflects light.

All combinations are desirable, as entrance lighting is not placed for a specific task which requires a specific lighting type.

The purpose of lighting your home entrance is the safe access to your space, both for you and your visitors, but also the creation of a unique and memorable impression.

The only thing this function requires is warm lighting, which produces a welcoming atmosphere.

Nautical wall sconce lighting. Brass wall light fixture.
Nautical wall sconce lighting. Brass wall light fixture.

We should not forget that the appropriate choice of entrance lighting can play an important role in terms of safety.

Proper night lighting will make you feel safer, as it will prevent the entry of any malicious persons (burglars).

A pendant light fixture can be installed, providing general lighting, along with two sconces that placed left and right of the door, as secondary light sources.

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